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Search Engine Marketing

A carefully managed campaign will see your business enjoy maximum exposure and immediate results.

Pay Per Click Advertising. It's what you've always wanted!!

Page 1 listings on Google for any search term you want!!

Only pay when someone clicks on your ad!!

Internet Advertising effectively allows you to shortcut the system and jump the queue to get in front of your audience from the very day your website goes live.

You can target specific demographics including geographical area and the time of day your ad appears. So if you only want your ad to appear between 9 and 5 and in specific geographical areas that you want exposure to, then that's fine.

Tailored and Targeted like no other advertising you have ever done before!

This is the rifle and not the shotgun.

Set an allocated daily budget for your campaign.

Research shows this to be easily the most cost effective way to win business.

There are endless possibilities and it is very easy to pay too much for your traffic without professional guidance. Talk to a Seven Reasons specialist about which strategy is the best and most cost effective for your business.

At Seven Reasons we split test. This means we run lots of ads at the same time and see which generates the best results. Then we ditch the other poorer performing ones and replace them with new ads and repeat the process during the course of your campaign to continually refine the strategy based on real time market feedback.

Internet Advertising is vital to your business and complements our search engine optimisation. The first page of Google and other search engines is becoming more and more elusive, let us show you how to maximise the results for your business.

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